Artisan Skincare

Dry Face Masks

The thing I love most about Dry Face Masks is that technically it’s a product that will never go off.  I know it depends on what you put in it and how you store it, but most things that go into a Dry Face Mask are anhydrous (water free) so there is less need to worry about bacterial or mould growth.


The other thing I love is that you can choose your medium of liquid to make up the mask with.  On oily days I would use straight up plain water.  On days when my skin feels dry I use nourishing oils like olive, sweet almond, argan or even jojoba.  When I seriously want to pamper myself then I’ll mush up an avocado or banana and take my time, leaving it on the skin for a while (it won’t dry out your skin when mixing with these).  If I have an outbreak of any sort – with me it’s usually eczema 😦 – then I add in my honey and yoghurt and sometimes organic cold pressed black seed oil for its mega antibacterial properties.  You are limited only by your (lack of) imagination when it comes to mixing up Dry Face Masks.  I see this item as a precursor to numerous different items you can make just by changing the medium you mix it up with.

Ever tried Dry Face Masks on the hair?  You should.

In the range I have three different ones currently.  I’ve got a few ideas about adding in a fourth one but don’t have the time at the moment.  The first is the Rose Clay which is by far the most popular – most surprising since it’s also the most simplest of my formulas.  Maybe because it’s pretty?  I don’t know, but suspect that it is because it’s the most gentle and good for sensitive skin and soooo many people have sensitive, allergic or inflamed skin nowadays.  I see it a lot in little kids too.  Things like eczema are just growing and growing in the coming generations and whatever the trigger, whether diet, environment or lifestyle (probably a combination of all) using something that doesn’t exacerbate the skin condition is very important.  Therefore simple formulas can equal very good for some people and the Rose Clay is a very gentle clay.


The next is the Rhassoul Clay, made with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Yoghurt powder amongst other things.  This clay is slightly more cleansing than the Rose Clay but also very nourishing.  It doesn’t feel tight after using and I wouldn’t say my skin is oily – it tends more to the dry side.  Also the yoghurt is full of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which are amazing at sloughing off old skin cells and leaving skin renewed and toned.


The last one is the Green Clay & Spirulina.  This would be a good one for oily skin if mixed only with water.  I feel reluctant though, categorising any of these for dry, oily, combination etc skins.  I initially had these categorised as such on Etsy because that is one of things people look for but I believe that all of these can be used for all skin types depending on what medium you use to make up the mask.  For instance, for oily skin using simple spring water with a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice would be a good combination.  If my skin gets dry, which it does very often, then my favourite to use is olive oil (sometimes with a few drops of some skin loving essential oils), honey or avocado.  For sensitive skin I would also use a gentle oil such as sweet almond (as long as you’re not allergic!) and or honey.  Honey is a great humectant that draws water to your skin and I have never in my experience felt anything but gorgeously soft skin after using using raw organic honey in my masks.

Hope this has given a good insight into the Dry Face Masks – I have a bit more information on the individual properties of each ingredients used on the Etsy listings if you want to have a look 🙂


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