Handmade Soap

Handmade Soaps

Cocoa Butter Clays Soap, Rustic Soap, Swirled Soap
Cocoa Butter Clays – one of the few soaps without a Range (yet)

This product is where creativity can really be given an exemplar outlet.  Perfume creation lets you develop a symphony of scent – accords of top, heart and base notes.  But soapmaking is where you can add colour, shape, design and texture to that too!

I love soapmaking.  It has to be one of my most favourite pastimes.  I’m constantly in soapmaking mode which is basically having soap creating ideas constantly running through your mind.  Every container is a potential mould.  Every dress, makeup palette, wallpaper, living room decor (!) is a colour palette for your next creation.  Everything is an inspiration.  I fall asleep thinking about soap packaging ideas and my next scent blend.

I don’t know how long this will last.  If I will ever get burnt out.  It may come to a point, I think, where I give it a little break but I don’t think I will ever get it out of my blood now…

Twilight Berry Soap, Faeries Soap, Fantasy Soap, Rustic Soap, Blue Soap, Glitter Soap, Acai Berry, Indigo Soap,
Twilight Berry from the Faerie Range – made from acai berries and indigo.

Although I make a lot of other handmade items.  And most of these items are easier to make in their execution (although the development stage is just as hard or even harder), I don’t think anything beats the sheer enjoyment of making soap.  Granted if you have distractions around you like people coming into your workspace or kids barging in then what is a beautiful process can quickly become a stressful one.  But that is all about organisation and timing.

I have noticed that when developing soap ideas I have naturally fallen into creating themes – creating numerous soaps with different ingredients but which share the same theme.  This is why I have developed ‘Ranges’  and some of my currently released ones are the Faerie Range, Milk Range, Fragranced Fruit Range, Superfood Range, Tea Room Range, Alba Range etc.

I find I like the way this works for me as it almost ‘reigns’ in the ideas exploding in my head.  Not all of my soap ideas fall into a range.  However, I’ve noticed that after writing down about 10-15 ideas about 5-6 will fall into a similar theme which can then be created into a range.

Turmeric Soap, Carrot Soap, Sea Buckthorn Soap, Orange Coloured Soap, Organic Soap, Rustic Soap, Essential Oil Soap, Natural Soap, Handmade Soap
Turmeric, Carrot & Sea Buckthorn from the Superfood Range – made with organic ingredients of turmeric powder, turmeric oil, carrot oil and sea buckthorn oil.

I have a lot more ranges to be released and each range will hopefully have its own look, feel and packaging.

I use both essential oils (EOs) and fragrance oils (FOs) in my soaps.  Although I am always in favour of essential oils in leave-on products (and even then in moderation as some can be irritating for some although most are beneficial for most – anecdotally), I don’t mind fragrance oils in wash-off products and I always give the full details of whether the soaps contain essential oils or fragrance oils.  Arguably the allergen free fragrance oils that I have in my repertoire are probably better for some sensitive skinned souls than essential oils.  But it boils down to personal preference and I just personally teeter on the side of essential oils in general.

However, fragrance oils are great for creating blends that you never could if you just limit yourself to EOs.  For instance if you want a rose note in your fragrance then helluva no I’m not using my Rose Damascena Absolute.  In a Natural Perfume Oil, then yes of course – but those are priced accordingly!  And if you want to have a natural strawberry note, then forgot it as one doesn’t exist in essential oil form – you would have no choice but resort to a fragrance oil.  And when you can use both the natural essences of nature in the form of essential oils and the fruity foody fragranced concoctions of fragrance oils, then your creativity can really shine.

In future posts I will be introducing the different Ranges in a little more detail and talk about the individual soaps too.

Midnight Hour Soap, Faerie Soap, Fantasy Soap, Fragranced Soap, Glitter Soap, Rustic Soap, Hot Process Soap, Blue Soap, Charcoal Soap, Gold, Scottish Soap, Natural Soap, Handmade Soap
Midnight Hour from the Faerie Soap Range – made from charcoal, ultramarine blue and gold mica.

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