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Introducing Fragrance Oil Reviews

I’ve decided to do this as I wish there was more out there when I started purchasing Fragrance Oils (FOs) and wanted to know more.  But there wasn’t much and I had to go the route of just blindly purchasing what sounded nice and see how I lucked out.

Well I’ve had my ups and downs with FOs.  Not all purchases are as expected and that’s understandable as you don’t know if you will like the scent unless you have sampled it.  But samples aren’t exactly cheap either for the amount you get on some websites so an element of investment has to occur before you find something you are happy with.

Sometimes I question why I didn’t just stick to Essential Oils (EOs).  When I first started soaping many years ago, I used mainly EOs although I tried out FOs in soap creations too.  I was already familiar with my EOs so I stuck with them longterm but this last year, just before opening Rustic Stuff I have been experimenting with FOs a lot more.  And I do mean a lot.  I have quite a number of them and haven’t even used all of them yet.  And I do like the extra element of creativity they bring.  Using notes like apple, cherry, honeysuckle, candyfloss and blueberry have been a joy and mixing them with essential oils brings some soap creations I envision to a level I couldn’t have achieved before.  And then some notes like vanilla and sandalwood which can’t really be used in soaps without making the price skyrocket have become accessible.

But to say they have been easy to work with would be highly inaccurate.  FOs are fickle.  And some are really fickle.  And what the retailers website says about them is not always true which can be extra frustrating (‘mild to moderate acceleration’ – ha!  As if!  More like soap on a stick).  Hence the reasons for these particular posts.  I’m hoping to do a series of these highlighting different soap FO hauls and what I like about them, if they were true to their name and description, how they behaved in soap etc.  I’m still not sure how to structure these – maybe just post up reviews as I buy and use them.  I will try to use them in soap at least once before reviewing as that will give more insight but I may not always be able to do this, especially if the FO turns out to be particularly disappointing and I’m not sure how to use it.  But anyway, first review post coming up soon.


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