Handmade Soap

Black Tea Rose Soap – Tea Room Soap Range

OMG!  I just cut this soap an hour ago and the minute I did I ran upstairs to get my camera.

Black Tea Rose soap from the top

I didn’t have high hopes for this – the Rose FO from Freshskin accelerated trace quite badly and the elegant swirl I had imagined quickly became a plop and swirl the chopstick as much as you possibly can against the thickened soap.  The top looked so riced that I had to add a little pink glitter to compensate.  There is a single rosebud on each bar and combined with the glitter it became a very presentable soap from the top.

But as I said, I was worried about the inside.  However, the pattern that came out could only be described as a one of a kind.  I honestly don’t know if I will be able to achieve this effect again as I had no intention to use the Rose FO in cold process in the future.  But now I’m going to have to consider it because I love this.  Just absolutely love this!

Black Tea Rose soap cut 🙂

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