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Fragrance Oil Reviews – Part 2

Green Tea & Mint from Freshskin was one I recently used in a scent and it behaved superbly.  A very delicate scent – as most green tea scents are wont to be – it has just the right balance of mint without it being overbearing in the blend.  It did not accelerate trace and I had ample time to play with it.  It also retained it’s scent very well after saponifying for a delicate type scent which have faded on me in the past.  This is one I will be purchasing again.

Dark Chocolate by Gracefruit is probably one of my all time favourite chocolate scents.  It’s very rich and complex without having that overtly sweet sugary note that some chocolate FOs feel like they need.  It also behaves very well in soap and has never accelerated any batch I have used it in.  The scent is strong and it retains well in the soap after saponifying.  To be honest I’m not sure if it darkens the soap as I’ve always darkened the soap anyway with cocoa powder.  I dont think it darkens the soap as the parts I have coloured in different, lighter shades didn’t discolour on me.  But not 100% sure on this.  However, I know for me that my search for the perfect chocolate scent is at an end.  Now I just have to find my perfect coffee fragrance.

While we are on coffee fragrances,  Hazelnut Coffee by Soap Kitchen is a scent that I don’t quite know how to judge.  It comes under that ‘it’s still a good scent but just not as anticipated’ category.  But in the case of this FO it did something strange.  Smelling out of the bottle it does have an obvious coffee note with a bit of a nutty sweetness – a gorgeous scent actually.  However, after using this in cold process, the coffee note seems to die and you get a more chocolate confectionary scent that comes through.  Everyone I’ve asked to smell my coffee soap has come back with the statement along the lines of ‘oh that’s a nice chocolate/cocoa smell’.  And very nice it is indeed but just not coffee.  If I really push it I can make myself catch some faint coffee notes, but saponifed, this scent is much more chococlate confectionary than coffee.  I’ll still be buying it again though – just not for coffee soap.

Green Apple from Soap Kitchen is probably one of my all time favourites.  I’m a huge apple scent fan – I find apple just such a refreshing sweet and uplifting scent.  It’s the one thing I wish they could make an essential oil from so that I could use it more often and in more things.  It behaves very well and stays very strong after curing.  I would say its retention is better than Green Apple FO from Mystic Moments which I got as a sample a couple of years ago now.  That too was an excellent Green Apple scent but as far as memory recalls it wasn’t the strongest in remaining in the soap and faded after a while.  Green Apple from Soap Kitchen is a tart green fresh juicy scent that I’m more than happy to use on its own and in blends.


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